Oh the things you can do!

Projects big and small

From mini-tweaks to maxi-projects, this guide shares loads of things you can do to make your piece of paradise more resilient.

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Especially if you’re looking for the rationale for the guide and the link to clean runoff outcomes, start here.  But if you’re the kind who likes to jump in to the doing part, feel free to skip ahead.


From alternatives to conventional turf, to grading practices, to new perennialism, this is a soup-to-nuts review of best practices and emerging trends.

Rainwater Harvesting

You’re probably familiar with rain barrels, but did you know you can set up larger systems that allow for toilet flushing with rainwater? This is but one topic in this overview.


The best tool you can add to an existing lot to help mitigate both community flooding and drought. It’s a garden that’s built as an ‘innie’ instead of an ‘outie’, collecting runoff from (usually) a roof.


Sometimes you just need to get water from ‘A’ to ‘B’ and sometimes your only choice is to put water underground. Explore creative ways to push water around.

Permeable Pavement

What can be done at home to minimize hard surfaces that contribute to runoff in the first place? From Hollywood driveways to special pavers, there are options.


Green roofs last longer than other roofs and have numerous extra benefits. From a fun shed to a legacy home to hiding unsightly views, there are plenty of reasons to go green on top.


Ever wondered what the value of a single rain barrel is compared to four? Use this module to crunch the numbers on the runoff your site generates and what the tools can do to help.  


Ready to build? Here you’ll find checklists for good housekeeping and erosion and sediment control, as well as regulatory requirements for site management.